Using Film Fit for Banshee was born out of demand. We had a huge ensemble cast, all of whom needed to be active for fight sequences. Film Fit took our least athletic cast members and transformed them into BEASTS.

Fight sequences require agility and ongoing training to prevent injury. Film Fit would prep our cast so they were ready to handle the demands from the stunt department.

Film Fit also kept our cast occupied between shooting and rehearsing - improving their moods, keeping them healthy with advice on nutrition.

Film Fit’s 360 degree approach to fitness is rare. Their work had an infectious ripple to other cast members to keep up. I was blown away by the results and the quality of the work on camera was enhanced by Film Fit’s dedication.

Greg Yaitanes

Known for: House, M.D., Manhunt: The Unabomber, Quarry, Banshee / Producer & Director
My requirements for fitness are twofold:

1. Functional strength and endurance for rigorous physical tasks required by my job and 2. Maintaining a specific body composition for appearances (also for my job). These two objectives do not always dovetail as one might expect. It’s a balancing act that requires attentiveness, vigilance and variability in training and nutrition.

Film Fit provides all of those things and more, and does so fortified by deep knowledge, a bright and positive attitude, empathy for the difficulties facing their clients, and an unmatched zeal for their craft.

I have been working with them for 3 years now and have achieved things that were beyond what I ever thought I was capable of. They set the bar high, guided me to it, and re-set it. And continues to do so.

The best compliment I can pay them is that meeting up for a workout and consultation means I will end the day with nothing left in the tank. But I am always willing and excited to do it.

Hoon Lee

Known for: The King and I (Broadway), TMNT, Outcast, Banshee / Actor
I had the amazing opportunity to be trained by Brandon and Nick, while working on the show Banshee. What struck me the most about them was their constant concern and awareness of my past ailments and their dedication to improve them. After training with them all summer, I can definitely say, the initial pains I started training with have subsided. They made me aware of what I was compensating for and helped me work on strengthening. I am in the best shape of my life and they guided me there.

Ana Ayora

Known for: Marley & Me, Ride Along 2, Banshee, The Big Wedding / Actress
For 4 years, the cast of Banshee was continually put through the rigors of actor action; fights and foot chases. The Film Fit team trained every one from the day players to our leads. As a result they came to work fit and full of energy. Each individual was guided physically and nutritionally for optimum performance of his or her character. As a producer and director on the series we insisted our talent take part in the training, even if they were not throwing a single punch. The over all benefit was a vibrant healthy feeling and looking cast.

Loni Peristere

Known for: American Horror Story, Outcast, Banshee / Producer & Director
I worked with Brandon for the better part of 2 years, and it’s no exaggeration to say he didn’t just change my body - he changed my life. Brandon is the best combination of a mechanic and a sculptor. He has an intimate and deep knowledge of both physiology and exercise techniques, and possesses keen insight in observing the various needs of his clients. In my case, he was amazingly perceptive about the ins and outs of my body and its workings, and he was able to both push me hard and protect me at the same time. Through him, I became stronger, leaner, more flexible, and vastly more fit. He’s also exceedingly professional and one of the most lovely people you’ll ever meet. Over the course of time, he became a fitness mentor, a confidant, and a friend - I simply can’t recommend him more.

Matthew Rauch

Known for: Premium Rush, Banshee, No Reservation, Blue Bloods / Actor, Writer & Director
MIchelle Khare.png
I worked with Brandon and Nick on a recent video where I tried to get the body of Daisy Ridley in just 5 weeks. I have done a number of celebrity / superhero / athletic transformation challenge videos in the past, and never have I felt as supported or attended to by my coach and nutritionist — and we’ve had the ability to work with a ton in the Hollywood sphere. For the first time in my life, I hit 14% body fat and felt a newfound confidence in my body. Brandon and Nick stay with you every step of the way and follow a very measured, precise plan. Best of all, they will push you to the limit while maintaining a body-positive, encouraging mantra. They are very hands-on, mindful, and come to the gym prepared to kick your ass, every single time. Every minute of the workout is utilized to maximize results and efficiency. I truly appreciated Nick’s background in professional athletics as my workouts not only improved my aesthetic, but also I gained a tone of strength, balance, and flexibility along the way. This balance is incredibly hard to find. The results show in the episode, “I Trained Like Rey From Star Wars For A Month” from my YouTube channel “MK Ultra.” My body completely changed, my skin cleared entirely, and most of all, I found a newfound confidence in my workout routine — one where I didn’t have to worry or do any of the hard thinking to make sure I was on track!

Michelle Khare

Known for: MK Ultra, Snitch, Reunion 108 / Actress, Writer & Producer